Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Colourful Summer Eyes

When it comes to eye shadow, I'm a neutrals girl. I tend to stay well away from any bright colours. Not because I don't like them- I'm envious of people who wear colour so easily. The colourful eye shadows always seem to be the prettiest ones in a palette. I just, like many people, find them hard to incorporate into looks. So today, I thought I'd have a little go of creating some summer eye looks that incorporate colour without making you look like you've applied your makeup with Homer Simpson's makeup gun (if anyone else remembers that episode). Just me?


1- Colourful Eyeliner

This is a really easy and fun way to put a little colour into your makeup. Blue is a colour that I'd never usually consider putting near my eyes. ever. Suprisingly, this navy blue liner makes things look a little more exciting without being too overpowering. Don't worry, you don't have to go and buy a load of different coloured liners! You can easily use eye shadow. Just wet a liner brush before dipping it into the shadow and applying it.

Eyeko- Skinny Liquid Eyeliner- Navy
Green eye shadow from Sleek- Ultra Matts V2 Palette

2- Undereye Colour

This is another good way to add a pop of colour. I find when wearing colour under the eye, it looks best with matte, neutral shadows on the lid so the look isn't too overpowering. I find green works well with my eye colour but obviously you could switch it to a colour that you find suits you best.

Lid- Urban Decay- Habit, Crease- UD- Rewind, Undereye- UD- Damaged

3- The Inner Corner

I really love the colour of this eyeshadow but it's just not one I ever thought I could wear. I do love this look, I really like how it opens up my eyes. I'm just not sure if it suits me veryyy well- I think there is too much colour going on already with my eyes and hair. Then again, maybe I should just be brave and learn to pull it off. What do you think?

Lid- UD- Sidecar. Inner Corner- UD- Betrayal

That's it for my summer eye looks. If you're a neutrals girl like me, I hope I've inspired you to add some colour to your eyes this summer! If you're not brave enough to wear colour in an everyday look, it's perfect for festivals! 



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    I also really love this eyeliner look, going to try it out!

    1. Of course, I'll go and have a little look now! x

  2. Love this post ems bems! The green under your eye looks so pwetty!

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