Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Last 10 Photos on my Phone

 I was a bit stuck for what to post today but after having a little look around, I found a post over on The Best of Intentions that suggested posting the last 10 photos on your phone and I really liked the idea of it! 

So, these are the last 10 pictures on my phone, without deleting any. Obviously if i'd taken the same picture a few times in a row I only posted one of them (otherwise half of this post would be my nail varnish photographed from many different angles...).

Charlie loves to lie on me like this. He falls asleep like this and snores sooo loud!

I've played Monopoly so much in the past few months! It actually makes for a really good, cheap night in with friends. Anyway, as you can see I clearly won this game! I was so happy with myself- I ended with all but three of the properties (there were 4 of us playing as well). I refuse to believe that I only won because I was the only sober one!

I painted my nails ombré! I love trying out different colour combinations of ombré nails in the summer. 

We were lying in bed and I was saying to Dom: 'we don't have enough pictures together!' He clearly wasn't listening, he was watching Top Gear I think! But anyway, being the problem solver I am, in attempt to get more pictures together I then took this beauty. Great shot, one for the album I think. 

I took this picture on the train on the way to Dom's end of year show, which is basically just an event where everyone exhibits all their work. After the show we went out in Liverpool with his college friends and a few of his teachers and it actually turned out to be a really funny night!

This was Dom and his work at the end of year show. He studies 3D design at college and designed this bridge that would go from the Wirral to Wales. This will probably never happen but it'd be such a good idea- it would be so much easier to get to Wales!

I ombré dyed my hair. I wanted it to be quite subtle. This isn't the best picture since you can't really see what colour the top part is! The ends are already looking really damaged since they were lightened and I'm tempted to get them chopped off, I just cant bring myself to do it!

Me and Dom had a BBQ with some friends and then roasted marshmallows over this tiny fire. It seems like a really cute idea but in reality marshmallows and fingers got burnt and it all tasted a bit weird.

Me and Dom got up early and went for breakfast at the All American diner in Cheshire Oaks. We don't often get up and out early but it was really nice to do. After breakfast, we did a bit of shopping and had a really lovely day!

This was the same day that we went to Cheshire Oaks. On the way home we stopped off to see some Llamas and Emus (which excited me more than I like to admit).

So that's the last 10 photos on my phone. I've realised that I really don't take enough photos- the last two photos are from 2 months ago! Whaaaat. No wonder I said to Dom that we don't have enough photos together! Although, it's not as bad as it seems- if I take something to post on Instagram it saves into a different folder! But still, from now on, I'll definitely try to take more photos!



  1. You. Are. Gorgeous!!! And I love you ombré nails! How did you do that? I've seen people do it with a sponge, but yours looked way better than that, hah!

    1. Thank you so much! and I just use a sponge, I think the trick is to use a good top coat after to get rid of the spongey texture! x