Wednesday, 4 June 2014

May Favourites

May was a busy month for me, mostly because I've had exams and I've been quite ill! But now that's all blown over I'm going to give my blog a little more attention and  I'm going to try to post once a week. 

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Light Aussome Volume Deep Treatment mousse

I love Aussie products. They smell so amazing and leave my hair feeling so clean and healthy! I only bought this around the middle of May but I really love it. My favourite hair treatments are the Aussie 3 minute miracle deep treatments but I find most of them are too heavy to put all through my hair and so I only use them on the tips. However, this one is light enough to use in the roots of my hair and leaves it nourished and full of volume. 

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush

This is not something I expected to love so much. I think I've used this pretty much everyday this month. It is the first cream blush I've tried and I think I've been converted! I'm now also on the hunt for a cream highlighter to pair with this for a really natural looking dewy glow. I have the shade 02 which is a gorgeous peachy pink colour. It looks much more natural on the skin than a powder blush. Even when I have reached for a powder blush, I've been using this as a kind of blush primer underneath. I definitely want to try some other shades of this and also some cream blushes from other brands.

Yves Saint Laurent- Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation

I got this in January and haven't really used it much until this month. I was matched slightly too dark so the colour is only right for me when I have false tan on. Now it's getting closer to summer, I've been wearing false tan a lot more and have also been favouring a lighter coverage. I think this is the perfect summer foundation. It is an illuminating foundation and so it gives you a lovely healthy glow.

Anatomicals New York, London, Paris and Foam Body Cleanser

I'm a sucker for cute/quirky packaging. I love the name and the colourful bottle. However, it's not just the packaging that is impressive, this smells sooo yummy. It's a really fruity, blueberry scent. The biggest bonus is that this is only £3! ( I got mine from asos).

Nail Decals

I love to do nail art. The only problem is that whilst my right hand ends up looking OK, it quite often all goes very wrong when it comes to doing my left (I'm left handed). I was busy procrastinating this month and found these really pretty nail decals on Amazon. They make doing nail art so much easier.They are essentially like those water transfer tattoos you got when you were a kid, but for your nails. They're really easy to apply and last really well. Just don't drop the whole pack in water because you'll end up with lots of splodgey elephants that are no longer usable (oops). I haven't used the palm trees trees yet but I'm hoping to do a post on summer nail art ideas soon. I'm sure i'll include a picture of them on the nails there. 

 Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara for Green Eyes

I'm fair skinned and have ginger hair and so I find very black mascara to be a little harsh for a natural makeup look. This is a 'tonal black' mascara and I have the shade Black Ruby, which brightens green eyes. It comes out as a dark burgundy/black tone on my eyelashes which enhances my green-blue eyes and also looks less harsh against my skintone and hair colour. 

 The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream 

I'll admit that I didn't really like this when I first got it. Firstly, it is in a pot and i don't like dipping my fingers in to get product out. Also, I wasn't too keen on the consistency at first. Usually I use quite creamy moisturisers whereas this is a very light, wet formula. However, now I've got used to it I am really liking it and have been using it everyday. The light, wet consistency now feels really refreshing, cool and hydrating on my face and I've actually noticed that my skin looks a lot brighter since using it. 

That's all of my favourite products for May. May has been a busy month and I haven't had much time for reading or watching TV. In my next monthly favourites I think I'll try and include some non beauty favourites such as a TV show, a book or even food. That's if I find anything that stands out! 

Is there anything that you have been loving this month?



  1. Yayy love this post em bems! Super excited for you to start posting more!

    1. Thank you, I'm looking forward to posting more regularly! xxx